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Monica, Colorado
“SO nice to hear from you! I’ve referenced you often as I unpack my house. John has had three major surgeries since August (two knee replacements and most recently a rotator cuff repair), and he’s in a sling for EIGHT weeks. I’ve had to do all the moving and packing/unpacking myself. I’m not telling you that to whine.
I’m telling you this because I thank God every day for you and your class that made me strong enough to do it all! I hired a not-so handyman last week to help me move some small furniture around, and I was stronger than he was!! HOWEVER, I do feel my strength slipping away as I can’t get to the gym now, and was woefully absent before the closure because of move-in related issues—not a good excuse—. But, bottom line is that I miss you and your words of wisdom and your classes! You should put some on YouTube.”

Susan, Chicago
“Would it be possible for you to do some of your foundations class on video. It would really help us in this time of crisis. Miss you also as your class is so inspirational for me. Thank you for all you are doing to help us keep healthy.”
Jennifer, Wilmette
“Christine provided very informative, practical, relevant information on how to live a healthier life. Christine’s zeal for healthy living is contagious! As she said, it’s progress not perfection! She gave us all good things to think about on how to live a beautiful, healthy life.” 
Susan, Evanston
“I love Christine’s yoga classes so I decided to do her Women’s Wellness Workshop. I ended up doing everyone of Christine’s workshops because I worry that I may be predisposed to a family health issue and this worry drained my energy. With Christine’s teachings, I learned better health habits – specifically to eat and drink better, use my breath to calm my anxiety so that I felt better and more energetic.“ 
Adrienne, Lake Bluff, IL
“I loved the @home reboot course because it helped me stay motivated and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic when we were all confined to our homes. Eating well and working out were never more important than these past two months! I looked forward to the Zoom Teas on Tuesdays because they provided the social component that I love about exercise classes. Christine is a great motivator, and she makes it real, manageable and doable.” 
Lisa, Wilmette, Illinois
“LOVED all my Beautycounter products!” (After using the new hair care): “OK, I am a fan! Best hair day I’ve had in a long time!”
Laura L, Colorado
“Thank you Christine for introducing me to Beautycounter! I love the Dew Skin, the Countermatch Recovery Sleeping Cream and the Nourishing Day Cream — it’s so light and natural. I also love that it’s so easy to get my products from you. I am a busy working mom and wife, who values easy shopping, healthy products and feeling great!”
Karen, Skokie, IL
“In a world where most just come to work and collect a paycheck, I feel Christine truly cares about not only the work she does but also the members as well. She always has a fun theme, great music and motivating tidbits to share with us to a point that I walk out of class ALWAYS feeling better that when I walked in.”

Kelly, Chicago
“Thanks for always guiding us through such great work outs. I feel grounded, mindful and thankful for my day when I am around you.”
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